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Avast, ye swabs!

Welcome to the most prominent and friendly band of swashbucklers, skullduggers and seadogs of the Darkmoon Faire.

Our guild is a fairly laidback raid guild with the focus towards enjoying the game, a familiar band of friends who stick together in the dark times brought upon us during the reign of the Lich King

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Kayruu, Jul 29, 13 2:18 AM.
It has been a fun few months and a heavy struggle at times, this last fight perhaps more than most but we made it.
Throne of Thunder, Lei Shen. We are 12/12! Enjoy.

After much work... 3/12 Throne of Thunder - Council down! Well done all.

Kayruu, May 10, 13 6:34 PM.

Over Half Way: 4/6 Cleared in Mogu'shan Vaults

Oogawahwah, Nov 8, 12 12:27 AM.
After man 5% Wipes on Gara'jal last week the crew final downed him on Halloween it was a great effort by all with the usually SeaWolf tenacity. Off the back of the successful kill of Gara'jal the crew went on to successfully kill The Spirit Kings learning the fight and killing it the same night again another great effort by all.

Logs for Gara'jal can be found here ->
SeptimusR 5/9/2015 7:14 PM
I am well. Yourself?
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